The tool for amputating the infection chains: The Minister of Health has launched the ‘Shield’ widget


Health Minister Yuli (Yoel) Edelstein this evening (Monday) launched the “Shield 2.0” widget, the national application for preventing the spread of the corona virus in Israel. The launch was scheduled to take place at a press conference canceled due to security incidents on the northern border.

The app, which was developed to help stop the chain of infection, alerts its users to possible exposure to a verified corona patient and provides instructions on how to proceed.

The new version has additional capabilities for locating and accuracy of overlap points between app users and authenticated Corona patients, while using advanced technologies and improving the user experience.

Now, the app performs overlap points of two types simultaneously:

1. Geographic location based on GPS technology, which warns of location-based proximity points for Corona patients.

2. Detection based on Bluetooth technology, which allows the identification of proximity points between mobile phones on which the application is installed.

Track sharing: Track sharing capability by a verified corona patient, to support the epidemiological investigation process at the Ministry of Health, in a friendly, fast and secure manner.

The sharing of information will be done with the consent of the patient only. In the first stage, a link will be sent to him through which he can share the information, and only then will the actual sharing of the information take place. The personal information remains confidential, only public places of residence that pose a risk of infection to others will be made public.

Optimal protection: More continuous and optimal working capability by turning off the “Battery Optimization” mode for the application (for mobile phones that support this option) when updating the version.

And what about privacy? The application was developed on the basis of the values ​​of personal responsibility and mutual guarantee, and accompanied by information security and privacy experts from the leaders in the country.

Location data does not leave the device, but only in case a user chooses to share the information as part of an epidemiological investigation.

The Ministry of Health clarifies that the ministry does not receive information about alerts that appear on users of the application. Alerts are displayed to the user only, and the discretion is his alone.

You can download “The Defender” for free in the app store and google play, and join the campaign in Corona. The more people join – the more the app will be able to alert – and the more protected we will be. In the “Shield” application – the choice is made by the users.

Health Minister Edelstein called for the widget to be downloaded in order to interrupt the infections: “There is great importance to a massive download of the app. Every citizen who uses the widget will help maintain the health, health of relatives and the health of Israeli citizens. A small step for the citizen, a big step for the state.”

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