The team for treating epidemics: “Oppose the removal of masks – even in the bush”


Lots of hair and masks: The team for the treatment of epidemics (ZTM) opposes easing the policy of wearing masks even in the days of Hamsin and Sherev, Israel Today learned today (Sunday). Expected this week.

In a discussion held on the subject among the epidemic treatment team all positions were against relief on the issue of masks. It should be noted that in May the removal of the masks was allowed in the bush, there was an outbreak of the corona at the Hebrew Gymnasium in Jerusalem, which raises the concern that the removal of the masks due to the weather contributed to the spread of the virus in the educational institution.

As you may recall, towards the end of May, there was a significant outbreak of the corona virus at the Hebrew Gymnasium High School in Jerusalem, during which at least 64 students, 14 members of the educational staff and two staff members were found positive for the virus. Following the incident, about 1,400 students and staff went into isolation. The outbreak of the second wave in Israel is attributed to this incident.

About a week ago, it was reported in “Israel Today” that in the same educational institution they did not “learn lessons” and about a hundred young people, students and graduates of the Hebrew Gymnasium in Jerusalem, held a high school graduation party, some of them not keeping social distance, wearing masks and of course Prohibition rules. One of the neighbors, who lives near the school, described to Israel Today his concerns following the increase in the incidence of the virus in Israel in general and following the conduct of high school students in particular: “There is a party there. I saw at least 100 students, most without masks. “What’s happening? I called the police.”

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