The superyacht with 200 square meters of solar panels


Kiwa is a concept of a luxury boat with hybrid engine and capable of navigating electrically to reach remote and reserved areas

Luxury boats are also the most polluting ones, so the arrival of hybrid yachts is a step forward for consumption and sustainability. And also for this reason Kiwa opens important perspectives, even if it is still a concept signed by the intuition of Isaac Burrough, New Zealand designer with studio in Amsterdam specialized in yacht making.

Of the project stand out i 200 square meters of solar panels covering the boat, which is only 15.5 meters wide but can operate electrically to enter remote and reserved areas without contraindications. Kiwa, a name that refers to the Maori gods, is 110 meters long, has a hybrid engine and offers its guests (up to 14 plus 29 crew members) 175 square meters between different spaces, including swimming pools, jacuzzis and wellness area, while on the bow deck there is the landing platform and an H145 helicopter to take flight to other shores.

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