The strike is over: the Treasury and social workers have reached an agreement


The strike is over: the Treasury and social workers have reached an agreement
In the video: Demonstration of social workers in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv (Editing: Nir Chen)
The Ministry of Finance and the Workers’ Union and the Social Workers reached an agreement this morning (Wednesday) to end the strike in the welfare services, which has lasted for 17 days. The parties reached an agreement that includes an additional NIS 200 million in employee salaries, starting in July 2021.

According to the summary, which was announced this morning by the union, a second beat will be given at the opening of the wage agreements in the economy, in which the social facts will be excluded and given a designated beat. It was also agreed on a full 70 million security and protection agreement, which enters the state budget each year. All the workers will receive a “Corona grant” for 2021 in the amount of NIS 9,000-1,1000 per employee. The wage increase will also apply in the private sector, to social facts in non-unionized associations.

Since yesterday, Finance Minister Israel Katz and union chairman Inbal Hermoni have been negotiating with the professional staffs in the Ministry of Finance, Histadrut chairman Arnon Bar-David and Labor and Social Affairs Minister Itzik Shmuli. During the night, the parties discussed the amount to be given in the second beat, which will be given when the public sector wage agreements are opened. Another issue that has come up for discussion concerns the question of whether the addition will also apply to non-profit organizations or only to the public sector.

As part of the strike, no child investigations have been conducted since the beginning of the month, no protection orders have been issued for children and youth at risk, no abortion committees have been held, elderly inquiries have not been answered, domestic violence cases have not been addressed, minors have not been named. Now, these services are expected to resume.

Hermoni welcomed the agreement, which she defined as a “historic achievement” for the workers and social workers. “We have led together a tremendous, proud and inspiring struggle that has raised the profile of workers and social workers to new heights, which has given us all pride in our profession and our own. A tremendous struggle ends today with our tremendous victory,” the union chairman wrote in a statement.

She added that “all this would not have happened without you and without you, and without our amazing professional team. Every worker who marched, demonstrated, sat down, shared a post – each and every one of you and you is part of this victory. All union deputies, district activists, cell shooters “The divisions and committees. We come and go from here with a better future for our profession, with an achievement that will be recorded in the annals of social work in Israel.”

The finance minister welcomed the end of the strike. “As I promised, we will not leave anyone by the side of the road. I am full of appreciation for the dedication of the workers and social workers, and their contribution to Israeli society during this difficult period,” Katz said. “We have agreed on historic steps that will change the status of the workers and allow them to continue their dedicated work under conditions appropriate to the importance of the task they have taken on.”

The protest began due to the workload of the social workers, the inappropriate working conditions and the violence directed at them during their work. In recent days, they have held demonstrations around the country, including a rally held yesterday in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, after which the protesters blocked Ibn Gvirol Street for traffic.

Yesterday, Katz announced the allocation of NIS 70 million for a protection program for workers, with the aim of giving a goal to the problem of violence by the end of 2021 and regardless of negotiations. Hermoni, on the other hand, criticized his statement: “In eight months, when the next social worker is attacked – what will the finance officials say? We only had money to protect you for eight months?”.

Histadrut chairman Bar-David announced yesterday that if the social workers’ crisis is not resolved, other branches of the public sector will join the strike as a sign of solidarity. In addition, he also announced that he will open the Histadrut strike fund, giving each strike a NIS 1,000 grant. .

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