The State Duma assessed the need for additional measures of support for families with small children


State Duma Deputy Svetlana Bessarab appreciated the need for additional support measures for families with small children.

In an interview with Inforeactor, she noted that the authorities are currently doing everything possible.

“There is maternity capital. Payments are also planned for families where the income per adult is no more than two living wages. Such families will receive an allowance up to one living wage. And families with children from three to seven years old will receive half of the living wage for this year, ”Bessarab said.

For his part, Honored Lawyer of Russia, member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Ivan Solovyov, in an interview with FAN, expressed the opinion that the decision on payments to families with low incomes of “children’s” money would be timely.

“Now is the time for vacations, and many are planning how to improve the health of children: trips to nature and the sea, improving the diet, eating seasonal vegetables and fruits. Besides, many families need to update their children’s wardrobe, ”he explained.

According to him, in families where children have reached the age of seven, it is necessary to think about school now, and this is also certain expenses.

Earlier, the State Duma commented on proposals to expand support for schoolchildren.

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