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Benjamin and Sarah Netanyahu

Benjamin and Sarah NetanyahuPhoto: Esti Dziubov / TPS

The State Attorney’s Office submitted an update to the High Court following an update on behalf of the State Comptroller and the Permits Committee, regarding the return of funds received by the Prime Minister from his cousin, Natan Milikovsky.

The state statement said that with regard to the sum of $ 270,000, which was allegedly paid to assist in the legal protection of the prime minister’s wife, in such a case it was true that the Permits Committee would first examine whether the benefit is actually indirectly granted to the prime minister himself. 6 to the rules of the Asher Committee, and therefore if it is necessary to grant the permit.

The announcement explains that although the rules state that “a minister will not receive a salary or benefit,” this does not mean that only a benefit given directly to the minister, and in our case – the prime minister – is such that a permit is required.

The State Attorney’s Office argues that it is not inconceivable that a benefit given to a minister’s spouse, or another person next to his desk, may be such that in essence it is a benefit given to the minister.

The statement further states that according to the Attorney General’s method, too narrow an interpretation of this section may in some cases lead to a circumvention of rules which, on the important rationals underlying them, by way of receiving benefits by relatives of the Minister, from which the Minister himself directly or indirectly benefits The joint household, without this being subject to the approval of the committee, which was authorized to “refuse to grant a permit, grant it or give it on conditions, if this seems to it justified in the circumstances of the case and publicly proper.”

Should the committee find that in the circumstances of the case section 6 of the Asher Committee’s rules applies, it will have to exercise the discretion required to examine whether it would still be appropriate to grant permission to obtain the funding under section 19 of the rules. It should be clarified that this does not constitute a position on the question of granting the permit to the body, and this matter is given to the broad discretion of the committee, in accordance with its authority under the rules.

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