The sonnet for Rays that Grillo publishes on the blog becomes a political case: “Roma nun te merita”


The ‘sonnet’ of Franco Ferrari dedicated to the mayor of the capital (entitled “Rome does not deserve you“) that the founder of the M5S Beppe Grillo raises on his blog.An assist to his ‘Virgì’, although rough according to the Grillian register (he is still the man of the ‘vaffa’), or a more or less tactical way of unloading the mayor with the honor of arms, giving the Romans the guilt for not supporting her enough?
In home Rays there is no doubt: it is a form of encouragement. “I love this city with all my heart and go on,” he comments Virginia Raggi. What then adds a post scriptum addressed to the author of the sonnet: “I do not like those people of the sewer. I know you are referring to those who steal or set fire but, if you can, take it off”. And the interim political leader of the Movement is of the same opinion Vito Crimi: “With Raggi the city is back to march, the rebirth must continue”.Others, however, have definitely chosen the second hypothesis: it is not the best strategy for a possible re-candidacy to lead a city – they observe – that of insulting its citizens. Re-candidacy, then, still to be clarified: a derogation for the third term would be needed. Here, therefore, is the deputy secretary of the Pd Lazio (in opposition to the Capitoline Assembly) Enzo Foschi responds with a ‘counterpoetry’ (‘er cat of the Colosseum‘ that ‘squashed on the wall er cricket‘).

For the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni “it is not clear whether the sonnet Grillo dedicated to Rays whether it is an exhortation not to run again as mayor or an invitation to move forward. “” I am afraid – he adds – that he does not know himself. What is quite clear is Grillo’s contempt for the Romans. Expressions like ‘sewer people‘are unacceptable and I hope that the mayor of the capital will distance himself and demand an apology. ”

“Rome deserves seriousness and efficiency – he intervenes Matteo Salvini – the League and the Romans are ready to restore the lost honor and beauty to the capital “.

“After five years of disasters, irreparable damage, non-choices and wrong choices, the mayor Rays he certainly won’t get away with a sonnet. Beppe Grillo instead of tweeting from his villa come to see how Rome is reduced “writes on Twitter the deputy of Italia Viva Michele Anzaldi.

The sonnet relaunched by Beppe Grillo

For this reason I tell you that the honest should wear pajamas and suitcases, and, on the way, leave this beautiful and clumsy city. If you win the old parties, you’re fucked. It will not be done anymore, and if something is done it will be at the behest of the judiciary. But you, enjoy spitting in the face of a clean, stubborn mayor, one who does things. Think about it, you have eleven months. Either you want Rome, or you are dead, that Rome, that artery, magnifies it“.This closes Franco Ferrari’s sonnet, “Virgo, Rome doesn’t deserve you“, which Beppe Grillo published on his blog.

The Virgì – is the beginning of the sonnet – pijia na suitcase, you fijio, you husband, give me a whistle, that we are gone from people of the sewer. “” Who criticizes you here, who criticizes you there … Love! That, he says, that works them miracles“.

Virginia Raggi

For the mayor Virginia Raggi would be the third nomination, the first as a councilor, but the rules of the Movement, at the moment, block two possibilities.

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