The silent filing by Sandro Gozi


After the media pillory, silent archiving. The latest victim of the traditional media-judicial meat grinder is Sandro Gozi, former undersecretary for European affairs in the Renzi and Gentiloni governments, now a European parliamentarian. A few days ago, the court of San Marino closed the criminal case against Gozi and Catia Tomasetti, president of the Central Bank of San Marino (Bcsm) in relation to an alleged phantom advice.

The investigation exploded in April last year, when San Marino investigators had hypothesized the payment of 220 thousand euros by Bcsm to Gozi for a consultation that later proved to be fictitious. The consultancy concerned regulatory adjustments and relations with foreign institutions. After a year, we now discover that the advice was real. Indeed, the San Marino court held that no relevant conduct had arisen from the facts of the two suspects. “I am satisfied with the archiving – Gozi commented to Adnkronos – I have always been very calm about my work. Unfortunately, the damage of a media fuss based on non-existent facts remains“. Bcsm also followed along the same lines, saying in a note: “Excellent news for the president, but this act does not heal the public damage of the media pillory unjustly suffered, nor the damage to people and institutions that pursue purposes of public and systemic interest. “.

The story, in fact, had a great media echo, also because at the time Gozi was candidate for the European elections in France with En Marche, the party of President Macron (note, indeed, the curious coincidence between the investigation and the candidacy). No newspaper in recent days has reported the news of the archiving of the investigation, despite the ink (and mud) spilled a year ago on the two unfortunate.

“Gozi investigated in San Marino: ‘Fake bank advice'”, wrote Il Fatto Quotidiano on the front page, using the usual stratagem of quotation marks to make a suspect appear as an already established fact. I do not pay, the newspaper directed by Marco Travaglio he decided to accompany the news with an interview by Vincenzo Iurillo to the former pm (today mayor of Naples) Luigi de Magistris. But what did De Magistris have to do with the investigation against Gozi? The forcaiola fantasy, in these cases, has no limits. Thus, the former pm declared: “It occurs to me that in 2007 as Catanzaro’s pm of the investigation Why Not, I was investigating Sandro Gozi and relations with Piero Scarpellini (later archived, ed) and the Pragmata company, based in San Marino, also in the network of collaborators and loyalists of the then Prime Minister Romano Prodi. And the term “Loggia di San Marino” was coined for the close connections, even of an occult nature, between Calabrian suspects and others operating in other territories, including San Marino “. In short, the usual allusions based on nothing, useful only to throw mud on mud.

“A super-consult inguaia Gozi, the Italian who runs with Macron,” wrote La Verità, and then returned a few days later to the great “international intrigue of the Titan”, with Giacomo Amadori and Simone Di Meo. Here too the pillory was accompanied by a great deal of imagination: “Renzi (Nicola), the former Prodian Gozi, San Marino, the ECB and Russia. The investigation involving the Macronian candidate becomes a yellow with disturbing borders. “

The investigation was used as a club forcaiola even later, when at the end of July Gozi was appointed head of European affairs by the French government (he will resign in October). On July 31, for example, Giorgia Meloni with an intervention in the newspaper he addressed an appeal to Prime Minister Conte: “Assignment in France: now Conte remove Gozi’s Italian citizenship”. In the appeal, Meloni asked himself ironically “from where so much gratitude can come from the French State towards Sandro Gozi”, to then exclude – in a cunning way – “that the admiration and gratitude for Sandro Gozi mature for the investigation rooted in the Republic of San Marino for an alleged phantom consultancy of 220,000 euros “.

Obviously, even from Meloni, in the face of closing the investigation against Gozi, no apology has come.

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