The semi-final teams were charged NIS 40,000


The teams that reached the semi-finals of the State Cup in football did not expect such a thing. It is usually a festive occasion, with each of the teams usually receiving a sum of money and a share of the income that the Football Association registers.

This year due to the corona virus the games were of course held without an audience, when no revenue was recorded. The Football Association even moved the semifinals from the Sami Ofer Stadium to the stadium in Netanya in order to reduce expenses.

Remember in the games themselves, Maccabi Petah Tikva defeated Hapoel Tel Aviv 0: 2, and Hapoel Beer Sheva defeated Bnei Yehuda 11: 5 by 11 meters after 1: 1 in overtime, and in the end continued to win the factory.

BS celebrations after winning the cup

But a few days ago, the teams were shocked when they were informed that each of them would be charged NIS 40,000 on their card with the Football Association, for their participation in the Football Association’s expenses for the semi-finals.

The Bnei Yehuda who received the notice were surprised, and the owner, Barak Abramov, Enraged when he heard about the financial charge, sent a message to the Football Association that he would not go over it in silence, and came out against the Football Association. Some teams even said: “It’s just delusional, because Corona had no revenue this year, and that’s understandable, but charging us and giving us another penalty for reaching the semi-finals is another record breaking for the Football Association.”

Finally, after the message conveyed by Bnei Yehuda to the Football Association, after a few minutes in the association, they recovered, changed the decision, and canceled the financial charge of the Cup semi-final teams.

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