The school’s results lifted in just one school year


In addition, the promotion took place at a school that is totally dominated by students with a foreign background (88%). The proportion of students eligible for upper secondary school increased from 40% in 2018 to76% the year after a lot due to the development project: “Collaboration for the best school”.

– Of course, it is very important that we from the National Agency for Education meet very committed and talented project managers, says Hans Sandberg principal at Klingsborgsskolan.

Hans Sandberg and Johannes Bulkay the principals at Klingsborgsskolan Photo: Ulf Persson / SVT

– It is a rather difficult process. It’s the fish on the counter and an honest analysis. But after each meeting, we felt that we left with more energy, says Johannes Bulkay, principal of Klingsborgsskolan.

Here you can see more about the measures the school put in place.

Linköping said no to similar support

Linköping has decided to close the high school at Skäggtorpsskolan, because the results are too bad. 37% of the students are eligible for upper secondary school, ie approximately the same proportion as Klingsborgsskolan had in 2018.

At Skäggtorpsskolan, half of the students are new arrivals, but still Linköping municipality said no twice to a support project from the National Agency for Education aimed at newly arrived students. A support project similar to the help that Klingsborgsskolan received. But the responsible school politician in Linköping believes that it had not made any difference.

– When it comes to Skäggetorpsskolan, we do not see that there is any miracle cure – even in that offer from the National Agency for Education. Most things have already been tried, says Erik Östman (M), chairman of the children and youth committee in Linköping.

The National Agency for Education prioritises support for new arrivals

At the National Agency for Education, the head of the unit, Ulrika Lundqvist, explains why Skäggetorpssskolan was not also offered the project “Collaboration for the best school”, given the good effect in Norrköping.

– Based on our analysis of school results and the Swedish Schools Inspectorate’s reviews, we judged that Linköping Municipality, as principal, was in greater need of support for all newly arrived students. The municipality’s overall capacity is so good that we judged that it is possible to handle an individual school with low results, says Ulrika Lundqvist.

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