the rules in effect from 14 July


The government is slowing down reopening on 14 July, due to the growing number of outbreaks present throughout Italy. After prolonging the state of emergency until December 31, caution has forced us to limit events in which gatherings are inevitable.

While with regard to masks, in Lombardy the obligation was extended until 14 July. This was announced by President Attilio Fontana the day before the expiry of the old ordinance, which provided for the abandonment of the masks from 30 June. Each region has decided autonomously for the use of the masks outside, while for the obligation in closed places it will be extended throughout Italy.

After subordinating the decision to government directives, the Lombardy Region has allowed the reopening of the soccer fields and the possibility of practicing contact sports such as basketball, boxing and martial arts. The order, signed on Friday by President Fontana, is active starting on Saturday 11 July.

What does the ordinance of 14 July provide?

  • The masks they will remain mandatory in closed places, while gloves will not. In fact, the incorrect and continuous use of gloves has proved to be a further vehicle of contagion. Hand sanitization at each entrance will also remain mandatory, as will the measurement of fever.
  • The discos remain closed. Although many regions, including Lombardy, had decided to reopen as early as July 14th, the government imposed a ban on dancing indoors at least until the end of the month. The head of the Regions Roberto Speranza however, it guaranteed the autonomy of individual governors based on the number of infections within their region.
  • The social distancing it remains mandatory, under penalty of heavy fines. This applies both to the nightlife streets in the city and to beaches, where many plants are not respecting the rules on the distance between umbrellas.
  • Festivals and fairs they are being examined by the Technical Scientific Committee, which in the next few hours should decide whether to maintain the possibility of organizing them and participate in them based on the contagions of each region.
  • Some air routes remain closed. Flights to countries still in the midst of the epidemic will remain prohibited, even those made via stopovers. The countries are: Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Oman, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Moldova, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic. In the case of Italians who live in these countries and intend to return, a 14-day quarantine is mandatory. The same goes for those who come from United States.

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