“The road is the right one. We are paying for individual errors and …”


«The strings I touched were simple. I told the boys that I was very satisfied with the performance against Verona. This is the right way, we must continue to do what we are doing, obviously trying to limit errors ». Antonio Conte he spoke like this on the eve of the match against Torino. In the interview, made by Inter Tv, the Interista technician also underlined: «I think that in this last period we are paying important individual errors and as soon as we make a small mistake we are punished. The road is the right one, I repeat. That of the game, to play at a high pace, to press, to bring many men into the offensive phase ».

-What race do you expect against the Bull?

Torino has a higher squad quality than its ranking. He started with other goals, there are excellent players, not only of quality but also physical. He is a good team and is finding himself. They will come to San Siro to score points but we will try to win the game. What if we worked on the fact that their goals come from the penalty area? Yes, in fact I trained them to stay out of the area to avoid this situation. Clearly it’s a joke, you have to be careful because they have qualities. We must be careful.

-Nine goals in the last nine games marked by nine different players. Do you see a team of yours in this data?

Yes, it is. At Inter it’s happening more often because we have opened the attacking area to more players and this makes the offensive maneuver more unpredictable. We are on the right track and we are doing good things, then it is inevitable that being able to win the game or draw it leads to positive and less positive judgments, it moves them.

-Turnover? Come sta Lukaku?

We will make evaluations, for us there will be a much more intense period than in the previous days. We will play on Monday at 9.45 pm then on Thursday at the same time to go to Rome on the same Sunday. We will have to be good at managing energies and spinning. I am calm on this, beyond the injuries, all the guys called give good answers. Lukaku had a little problem, yesterday he was not very well. Today he is better, I hope to have him available, we know his importance, nothing to worry about, but it is right to evaluate and take zero risks. Losing him in this period would be losing him for the end of the championship. I hope you are available.

-Barella and Moses?

Barella is improving, we hope to have him as soon as possible, if not the next, maybe for Roma. Sensi is recovering, Vecino joined the list of available ones. Moses is fine, pawing, has recovered. With the medical staff we will make the right assessments, whether to risk or wait.

(Source: Inter TV)

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