the research bill passed despite criticism


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                In France a draft law on research was presented on Wednesday July 22 in the Council of Ministers.  Postponed several times, contested by many researchers, it forecasts the funding allocated to research over the coming years.  And it includes proposals on human resources.

                                    <p>The stated objective of this bill is to strengthen research by <strong>France</strong>.  Firstly, strengthen its funding because public research is under-funded.  The text plans to devote 25 billion euros to it over the next 10 years, in stages, with first 400 million in 2021.

With this multi-year investment, the public research budget should ultimately represent 1% of GDP, a level that France had committed to achieving 20 years ago. It is currently 0.7% of gross domestic product.

A bill criticized

However, the envelope is considered insufficient, not up to the challenges, in particular by the Economic, Social and Environmental Council. ” Planned investment in 2021 is lower than this year », Also notes the organization, stressing that the efforts are mainly based on the following five-year periods.

Many researchers also criticize the philosophy of the law which emphasizes the funding of research projects. ” It would be done “, They fear” to the detriment of long-term funding for laboratories ».

The other controversial point is the creation of parallel channels for recruiting researchers and the establishment of permanent scientific missions ending with the project. Opponents fear a liquidation of the statutes, and demand more tenure, in an environment where precarious contracts are legion.


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