the reopening of discos could slip


Coronavirus, from July 14 new security measures including masks, controls and bans. Anyone who thinks that the pandemic is over and that restrictions are easing will have to change his mind. The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte wants extend the state of emergency until the end of the year and in two days, new measures will be taken to counter the spread of the Covid 19. The government wants to extend some bans and increase controls against new outbreaks across the country.Read also> Covid, the alarm of Galli: «The virus runs thanks to the asymptomatic loudspeakers»

Measures that should be launched from 14 July, when the provisions currently in force to contain the epidemic expire. Indoor discos, for example, they may not reopen as expected. The extension of the state of emergency serves precisely this: to legitimize a further limitation of personal freedoms.
According to the Corriere della Sera, the obligation to wear the mask in closed places and to sanitize the premises will remain. The ban on gathering with more stringent controls is categorical.

As part of prevention, some will still be able to measure body temperature and make hand sanitizer gel available. Instead, gloves that could be dangerous if misused are rejected. It is also mandatory to leave your personal details.
As for indoor discos, the reopening could slip later this month. Still uncertain the fate of village festivals and feasts.

The new measures will be discussed on Tuesday in Parliament by Roberto Speranza. Furthermore, the Minister of Health has already circulated the list of countries from which it is impossible to reach. It’s about Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Oman, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Moldova, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic. 14-day quarantine requirement for those coming from the US, the country most affected by the pandemic.

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