the release period may have been unveiled by Asus –


A new promotion that Asus and Techland have activated on many products of the Taiwanese giant of technology, could suggest the exit period dell’attesissimo Dying Light 2. As of August 31, 2020, in fact, every day could be good to see this game coming.

The Dying Light 2 date is still wrapped in mystery. After the postponement of Dying Light 2, in fact, there were only rather unpleasant rumors about the game, the study and the progress of the works. The last of which features Chris Avellone: ​​after the accusations of harassment Techland and Paradox have cut relationships with the author.

The promotion activated by Asus gives hope, at least, that the works are almost finished: by buying one of the products reported on this page by August 31st, you will have time to redeem on Steam, by September 13th, both Dying Light 2, and the first chapter. Since pre-orders are not currently accepted for Dying Light 2, it is assumed that reservations will be open soon and consequently also announced a launch date.

Some think that this will be announced during the Xbox Series X July event: there is no evidence to support this thesis, but the launch of the new consoles could be a perfect time to release the game. What we do know is that from September onwards every moment could be the good one for Dying Light 2. On the other hand Techland had said the game is almost over that the release date would have surprised us.

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