The Rebbe’s grandson’s wedding – in a limited format


a a A About two weeks before the big wedding celebration for the sixth grandson of the Rebbe of Belza, which was to take place with a large crowd and with the participation of thousands of Hasidim in Jerusalem – in the middle of the month of Av, Hasidism decided to cancel the huge celebration.

The members of the organizing committee that convened in recent days have decided that the great celebration will take place with the participation of the family members only, while the other followers will not be able to participate in the celebration this time, due to the government’s instructions on the corona.

As a result, the huge tent they set up in Belza at previous weddings will not be set up ahead of the wedding.

It should be noted that in Chassidut we are now exploring all the possibilities within which the Chassidim will be able to participate in the great joy remotely through a live broadcast for men and women, so that everyone can feel part of the great joy.

The sixth grandson of the groom, Rabbi Chaim Meir Rokach, son of Rabbi Aharon Mordechai Rokach, will marry the daughter of Rabbi Shalom Moskowitz, the son of the Rebbe of Melitz, and an educator in the Talmud Torah.

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