“The real serious fact is that the judge Amedeo Franco spoke with him” – Libero Quotidiano


Denies everything, Antonio Esposito, and threatens lawsuits. He obviously chooses the Everyday occurrence, of which he is a columnist, to defend himself. The judge of Cassation who sentenced Silvio Berlusconi for tax fraud in 2013 in the trial Mediaset Agrama he is heavily drawn to the colleague Amedeo Franco, died in 2019: Franco was speaker in 2013, Esposito the section president, and that sentence would have been “piloted from above”. The Cav “stuck”, in short, from robes and politics, with Esposito “pressed” because in the meantime his son was involved in a drug story. “False. My son has never been involved in drug stories. And I have not been ‘pressed’ by anyone. If Franco has come to the point of inventing a circumstance that happened to me, in front of the subject that he himself had condemned, it is It is legitimate to ask why “, explains Esposito, reversing the accusations on Franco, whose environmental interception (published by the Reformist) dates back to 2013, when he decided to let off steam and relieve his conscience for that” disgusting “with Berlusconi, in the presence of witnesses. .

“Let’s clear up one fact: the decision to confirm the appeal was made by a panel of five judges. Colleague Amedeo Franco was the judge-rapporteur and, like all of us, not only did he discuss the case, he accepted the sentence of which he was also an extender together with the other components, and he also approved the motivation, in all its parts, by signing each page – underlines Esposito -. Seven years later, efforts are still being made to delegitimize a final judgment, after 11 magistrates have agreed on Berlusconi’s responsibility, targeting me as president of the college. Instead, I wonder why the speaker feels the need to meet his defendant to justify the outcome of the trial. I believe it is this the very serious fact is disturbing of the whole story. And I must ask myself: where did that meeting take place, or those meetings? When? In what circumstances? By whom was he solicited? “. That registration” may also have been agreed; one thing is certain: that he expected his death to disclose the contents of the registration, making it impossible to contest the falsity of the claims to judge Franco “.

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