“The puffy little dick of Dutch politics!” – The Daily Standard


The popular Belgian weekly magazine Smoke PVV leader Geert Wilders has pulled a lot over the head because of his tweet about rapper Typhoon who he thinks it is better to live in another country. The populist politician is a “puffy little penis,” the magazine writes.

The Flemish satirical magazine Smoke is not pleased with the way PVV leader Geert Wilders yesterday responded on the most recent broadcast of Summer guests, in which the rapper Typhoon noted that if you breathe deeply you can feel Dutch racism. Wilders then remarked that the hip-hopper should live “nice in another country” with his “sickly whining.”

Smoke had it there next one about to say:

“Geert Wilders, the puffy little dick of Dutch politics, also joined the club with such a wet fart. If I ever have five minutes, I will do my PhD on the connection between ‘deliberately not thinking well-conceived metaphors’ and ‘boring right-wing talk’. ”

The magazine, although it uses language that I wouldn’t use as quickly, certainly has a point. The so-called “argument” that people with whom you disagree but who have to fuck up in their own country (so to speak) is of course no argument at all. It shows that you think like a fascist, with monotonous ethnostats in which all citizens think exactly the same and have exactly the same opinion. Whoever deviates from that line has a problem and is apparently inherently un-Dutch. And should just get out of the way.

Does that mean I endorse Typhoon’s words? Not at all. But I do think that the rapper should have that opinion, and certainly not that he should disappear from the Netherlands because he happens to have an opinion that is not entirely comfortable with the party leader of one political party. So free to the Smoke: Hey Wilders, stop the ragged banter of our rappers!

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