The projects of Delphine Ernotte’s second term at France Télévisions


She was the first woman at the head of France Télévisions, she is now the only leader of the group to have resumed. Delphine Ernotte will continue to chair France Télévisions for another five years. In post since 2015, she was reappointed Wednesday afternoon in her duties by the CSA. A new mandate, and new projects in perspective therefore, that decrypts this Thursday in Culture media on Europe 1 Cyril Lacarrière, journalist at l’Opinion well known to listeners on the air for his daily chronicles on Philippe Vandel’s show.

More diversity …

It was one of the big points of his first term: putting more women forward in the group. “We have a television set of white men over 50 years old and that is going to have to change” she declared on Europe 1 in September 2015. Delphine Ernotte “was quite put on the grill during her hearing by the CSA on this subject “, explains Cyril Lacarrière. “It is therefore committed to doing better and has promised 30% of female directors by 2021 among the staff, a better representation of social diversity on the air, but also within management.”

Should we therefore expect other thunderous replacements such as the ousting of David Pujadas in 2017? “It will definitely take more, but this time around it won’t just be about replacing men with women.”

… and savings

Already summoned to save money, Delphine Ernotte will have to stay the course for the next five years. Especially since the health crisis was not good news for the finances of the group, the deficit forecast for the year is now estimated at 30 million euros. Still at the request of the State, it is now “160 million euros that it must save over the next two years”, indicates Cyril Lacarrière.

A difficult task for which Delphine Ernotte wants to ask for “a postponement of one year”, but “there is little chance that she will obtain it”, slips the journalist. Without forgetting that the president must “leave 2,000 people and hire 1,000 by 2022”.

France 4 will she be saved?

First victim announced of the audiovisual reform, France 4, destined to die on August 9, will she finally be saved? Doubt is permitted according to the specialist, since a little more than two weeks from the theoretical shutdown of the channel’s programs which costs 40 million euros per year, there is “still no news”. “What is funny is that all the candidates for the presidency of France Televisions have said they want to keep it,” said the journalist.

It must be said that the confinement has played in favor of France 4: from the first days, it did not hesitate to upset its programming to refocus on educational programs. For five to six hours a day, teachers gave lessons in French, mathematics or English for all levels between CP and Terminale. A radical change that could continue to seduce.

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