The Pro League does not give up: penalty of 2.5 million euros …


The court ruled that Waasland-Beveren should be included again on the calendar of 1A. If not, there will be a penalty of 2.5 million euros per match that will be kicked off without them. Still, the big guns of the Pro League today want to push through a league format with 16 clubs without the Waaslanders. CEO Pierre François believes he can circumvent the administration of justice. Again. Others doubt.

Waasland-Beveren versus Pro League: 2-1. After the BAS, the Enterprise Court now also ruled in a 27-page document that the relegation is unjustified. For every match that starts at the highest level without the Waaslanders, a penalty of 2.5 million euros will have to be paid. Both for duels in 1A and 1B. The Pro League therefore risks a fine of 30 million euros per match day. “They cannot fail,” said the Beverse lawyer Tom Rombouts.

It makes little impression. Today is the General Assembly of the Pro League. About 30 bobos come together safely in the Crowne Plaza in Diegem and the big guns still want to reconfirm the decision of 15 May – a competition with 16 without Waasland-Beveren.

According to CEO Pierre François, this only requires new arguments. This time it should be made clear that on August 3 the distribution of the European tickets must be submitted to UEFA. Official matches are only allowed from August 1, so there is only room for the cup final and the promotion match. Not for match day 30. According to François, that argument can be approved by a majority of 50 plus 1. Then W-Beveren will be demoted in a legal manner and the penalty will no longer apply.

This plan is at least already supported by Ghent, Genk and Charleroi, while Antwerp, Anderlecht and Standard also seem to be going along with this. “However, it is incorrect,” continues master Tom Rombouts. “The BAS judged that relegation was unreasonable and will always remain unreasonable. Waasland-Beveren can only play football in 1A. ”

However, the Pro League clings to the Belgian Competition Authority (BMA) – the only body that can agree with the relegation of the Waaslanders – and claims that the BMA is higher on the legal ladder than the BAS. Although some ask questions: The BMA ruled that Waasland-Beveren would benefit greatly if it remained in 1A, but at the same time also found violations of competition rules.

Summon Pierre François?

That is why some clubs – including Club Brugge – think it might be better to go to a league with 18 clubs. Possibly with 3 degradants, but this requires a majority of 80 percent. What a tangle. One thing is certain. If Waasland-Beveren is not included in 1A, they start new summary proceedings, go back to the BAS and think about summoning “manipulator” Pierre François personally.


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