The ping pong continues: the gyms reopened this morning


The gyms and studios opened at 6 in accordance with the decision of the Knesset’s Corona Committee • At the height of the crisis – the chaos in the leadership continues: The gyms open this morning after they have already been closed by the government twice –


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Contrary to the government’s decision – the gyms are opening for the second time: Trainees were allowed to return to the gyms this morning (Sunday) after the Knesset decision of the Knesset committee took effect at 6 p.m. The committee reversed the government’s decision for the second time and again ruled that the gyms would be opened. The government is expected to discuss the issue this week – and the decision may be overturned again and the gyms will close for the third time.

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The committee repealed some of the weekend restrictions decided by the ministers but the opening of the gyms is at the heart of the dispute between the committee and the government. The government has banned the opening of gyms following widespread morbidity during the second wave. Shortly afterwards, the Corona Commission ruled that the rooms would be opened due to the fact that no data had been presented indicating that widespread infection had indeed occurred in them. The government closed the gyms again and this morning, following another committee decision, they reopened.

In a discussion last Thursday, ahead of the decision to open the gyms, committee chairman Yifat Shasha Bitton said: We need to be very careful and show responsibility as well When not comfortable. It is important for me to leave an opening for the government’s outline for opening the gyms so that they remain open for a period of time and do not open and close. “

Holmes Place chain CEO, Keren Shatui, presented the committee with a proposed outline for opening gyms. She wrote that “infection data 20 days after opening thousands of fitness clubs, with hundreds of thousands of entries daily, clearly shows that there was no increase in the number of infected. This figure indicates that the gyms and the studio did not cause an increase in morbidity. “

The outline proposes to allow the activity under the following conditions: placing a buffer or a distance of 2 meters between the aerobic devices; A spacing of at least 2 meters between the power devices; And limiting the number of people in the space to one person for every 10 square meters. As for the studio classes, it is proposed to distinguish between dynamic classes and low-intensity classes, and limit the participants by one person per 10 square meters and one person for every 7 square meters. , Respectively.

Today, hall owners are expected to demonstrate in protest of the restrictions imposed on the events industry. Meanwhile, yesterday many businesses remained closed for the first time, due to weekend restrictions. Street shops, malls and shopping centers were forced to remain closed on Saturday evenings – an evening responsible for 30% -20% of total weekly revenue.

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