The Phantom of the Opera Stops Due to Corona Crisis After 34 Years at West End | NOW


Musical The Phantom of the Opera is no longer made at the West End in London after 34 years. Producer Cameron Mackintosh announced this in his column on Wednesday The Evening Standard.

Mackintosh writes that he has stopped the productions in order to keep his head above water financially. Due to the corona crisis, all theaters on the West End are closed. Although the British Ministry of Culture previously announced that it would invest 1.7 billion euros in the cultural sector, Mackintosh says he has not yet received a cent.

According to the producer returns The Phantom of the Opera only back on the stage when the distance no longer has to be kept in the English theaters. In his view, UK government regulations mean “artistic and commercial bankruptcy”.

“When COVID-19 hit, all my eight theaters were full of hit shows,” said Mackintosh. “As the largest independent employer in the West End by far, it is not surprising that as a theater owner and producer, without external investors, I have suffered tremendous damage.”

The iconic The Phantom of the Opera premiered at the Her Majesty’s Theater in London in 1986 and tells the story of a musical genius residing in a Paris opera house. It is after Wretched the longest running musical on the West End. A film was released in 2004 based on the musical script.

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