The OP called a violation of the rights of journalists British shadow minister’s call to Ofcom to review RT’s license


Elena Sutormina, Chairman of the Commission of the Public Chamber of Russia for the Development of Public Diplomacy, Humanitarian Cooperation and Preservation of Traditional Values, commented in an interview with RT on the appeal of the British shadow minister of culture, digital technology, sports and media Joe Stevens to the executive director of Ofcom media regulator Melanie Daws with a request to reconsider the issue of providing RT broadcast licenses in the country.

“In general, this is a flagrant violation of the rights of journalists, the media and the OSCE declaration, there is a corresponding declaration on freedom of the media, expression of opinions, and the Council of Europe. This is again a Russophobic attitude … A report has been prepared about the alleged “interference”, hence the pressure on RT and on Sputnik. We have seen this in other countries … This is not only a violation of rights, but also an unfair fight with competitors, ”Sutormina explained.

She noted that the reports of Sputnik and RT are bright, with an interesting presentation of the material, so the audience of these media is growing.

“This is just clear evidence that British citizens want to know more truthful information, because the mainstream media are expressing the government’s point of view,” added Sutormina.

Earlier, the British shadow minister for culture, digital technology, sports and media Joe Stevens asked the executive director of the media regulator Ofcom Melanie Daws to reconsider the issue of granting RT a license to broadcast in the country.

According to her, the report of the parliamentary intelligence and security committee “clearly outlines the problems that Ofcom already identified in 2018, when a fine of £ 200,000 was imposed on RT.”

The Russian Embassy in Britain called Ofcom’s actions against RT an attempt to put pressure on the channel’s editorial policy.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that the amount of the fine raises questions and exceeds penalties against other media outlets accused of inciting hatred and violence.

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