The nurses’ strike is over: the Ministry of Finance and the Histadrut have reached an agreement


End of strike: The Ministry of Finance stated that this evening (Monday) Minister Israel Katz reached an agreement with the chairman of the Histadrut Brothers and Sisters, Ilana Cohen, which led to the end of the national strike. At the end of the meeting between the two it was agreed that the nurses would return to their regular work starting tomorrow morning. According to the agreement between the parties, there will be a massive recruitment aimed at balancing the workforce during the complex and busy period of the spread of the corona virus, during which 2,000 brothers and sisters will be immediately absorbed beyond the existing standards, 1,600 for the hospital system and 400 for the community and public health system.

It was also agreed that a joint team would be set up to submit its recommendations regarding the addition of permanent personnel to the hospital system within a month, in preparation for the upcoming budget discussions in the government. The Minister of Finance instructed that the issue of budgetary deliberations of the health system should be prioritized, and that he intends to act on the issue in order to add fixed standards.

It also agreed on the settlement of other issues, including salary increases for staff working in the periphery, providing an economic incentive to strengthen the public health system in the southern region, extending special care agreements during the corona period, and regulating payment to nurses during the isolation period.

The Minister of Finance, Israel Katz, welcomed the progress and said: “The State of Israel owes the nurses, who are at the forefront of the struggle for public health, a great debt. As much as it takes to enable them to fulfill their role in the most appropriate way. ”

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Ilana Cohen, chairwoman of the Brothers and Sisters Association, said that “I would like to personally thank the Ministers of Finance, Health and the directors of their ministry, and the entire public of brothers and sisters in the State of Israel who worked for the health of Israeli citizens.”

The nurses’ strike (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)

As you may recall, the background to the strike was, according to the organizers, dependent on “failure to provide solutions and the Israeli government ignoring the need to allocate manpower and resources to the entire health system.” The organization of medical interns joined the strike and Saturday from 10:00 for two hours, under the heading – “either standards or strike”.

The Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva also joined the strike this morning. The hospital’s head nurse at the hospital posted a Facebook post in which she addressed the decision-makers respectfully, warning that “the system is collapsing due to a lack of standards. Give us confidence, we can help level the curve.” The brothers rejoiced at Beilinson noted that there are 100 brothers in solitary confinement, which puts a lot of strain on them, so they are asking for additional standards to help them get their job done.

As part of the strike, the medical staff worked in a ‘Shabbat format’, ie without a nursing staff in the outpatient services, including clinics, institutes, and day hospitals. Operating rooms also worked in a similar format, with no afternoon surgeries but urgent procedures in an exceptions committee. All the various inpatient wards behaved similarly, as well as the various intensive care units in which a small Saudi team worked. In the wards of preterm infants, mammals, maternity wards, dialysis, oncology, fertility unit – a nursing staff worked on a limited basis, and in nursing schools – the nursing staff did not work at all. However, alongside all these actions, an emergency nursing staff has been set up.

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