The novelties of the Relaunch Decree. Watch out for incentives!


The Relaunch Decree is presented as a suitcase full of gifts for Italians returning from the pandemic. In its super updated form, that is one step away from the conversion into law, it offers new advantages. Here are the news of the Relaunch Decree. Watch out for incentives! These are: incentives for the scrapping of cars, increase in the disability pension, funding for private schools, strengthening of the culture card.

Then we have news concerning several other sectors. So, watch out for incentives! First of all, we have concessions, up to 4,000 euros, for the purchase or leasing of new ecological cars and up to € 3,500 for Euro 6 vehicles. The benefits will be available from 1st August to 31st December 2020. The bonus, however, is tied to one dealership discount at least 2,000 euros.

In detail, the concession is 1,500 euros for thecar purchase € 6 and € 2,000 for electric or hybrid vehicles. This if there is the contextual scrapping of a vehicle registered before 2010. Without the scrapping, however, the bonus is halved. Considering the benefits already active, in the last 5 months of the year, the overall eco-bonus for ecological vehicles rises by 4,000 euros and reaches up to 10,000 euros, of which 2,000 are paid by the seller.

Other changes in the Relaunch Decree

Always with a watchful eye on the incentives introduced by the relaunch decree, it is good to know that the rule that locks theincrease in invalidity pensions. This was determined by a recent ruling by the Constitutional Court on the increase in treatment for people with serious disabilities regardless of the 60-year requirement. Resources for culture are boosted with another 15 million euros. There is also an amendment for cash refund of concerts, upon expiry of the vouchers, in case of definitive cancellation.

Finally, there are other interventions included in the Relaunch Decree such as, for example: – Contribution of an additional 20 million to the Fund for fees accrued by lawyers and auxiliary judges. – Funds for trade fair operators and frontier workers. – Funds for hiring 650 students of prison officers. – € 4 million in aid for combating violence on grounds of sexual orientation. – allowance of 950 euros for self-employed fisheries workers. These are the changes introduced by the amendments. Meanwhile, the relaunch dl should become law by July 18.

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