The Netherlands is becoming an orange travel destination for Belgians


Now that our northern neighbors are advising people from the province of Antwerp to quarantine for fourteen days upon their arrival in the Netherlands, the Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands is making an orange travel destination for Belgians.

“People see that traveling to the Netherlands is possible, but that there are conditions attached to it,” said spokesman Karl Lagatie on Wednesday.

Until now, the Netherlands has been a green area for departing Belgians, but that changes now that non-essential trips from the province of Antwerp to the Netherlands are strongly discouraged.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Wednesday that people from the province of Antwerp receive the “urgent advice” to quarantine for fourteen days after their arrival in the Netherlands.

According to Lagatie, the travel advice on the FPS Foreign Affairs website will be adjusted on Wednesday. A link will also be published to the Passenger Locator Form. This is the digital form that must be completed from 1 August by anyone who stays abroad for more than 48 hours.

On Tuesday evening, after advice from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Antwerp received a tightening of the code from yellow to orange due to the increasing number of infections with the new corona virus in the province.

It follows that Dutch people who have been in Antwerp are urgently advised to go to home quarantine for a fortnight. (Continue reading below the video).

The Netherlands issues ‘Orange code’ for Antwerp.

Video: ATV

The same applies to Belgians who live in the province of Antwerp and who have travel plans in the Netherlands. On arrival at their holiday address with our northern neighbors, they are also urgently advised to quarantine there. Note: it is not an obligation.

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