The Ministry of Health is considering shortening the isolation days


First publication: The Ministry of Health is examining the possibility of further shortening the length of isolation required for Corona patients.

If the move is implemented, the duration of isolation for patients with or without symptoms is expected to be shortened by a day to three days, so that a patient without symptoms can be defined as recovering even within seven to eight days, and not within ten days. Receiving a positive result (as currently defined) but from the date of taking the test.

Instructions from the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of the corona virus in Israel // Courtesy of the Ministry of Health

The HMOs contacted the outgoing head of public health services, Prof. Sigal Sadecki, and offered to shorten her sick days, in part because the person being examined was in isolation from the moment the sample was taken. Also, the positive result he gets, even if late, relates to the moment of the test itself. According to the recovery procedure that came into effect about a week ago, the recovery time will be shortened to a minimum of 10 days.

If the change requested by the HMOs is approved, it means that a patient without symptoms who received a positive result two or three days after the test, his recovery time will be shortened from 10 days to eight.

A senior source at the HMOs: “While waiting for the result to be recognized, every additional hour in isolation is critical for a patient who is waiting to return to routine.” The Ministry of Health confirmed that the issue was being examined.


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