The Ministry of Emergency Situations informed about the situation with flooding in the city of Nizhny Sergi – RT in Russian


In the Sverdlovsk Region, residents of the city of Nizhnie Sergi who have suffered from floods are provided with targeted assistance for the delivery of bottled water and food sets.

  • RIA Novosti

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Natalya Zyryanova, the head of the information and public relations department of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, told journalists about this. Her performance was broadcast by the local portal E1.

“There is a provision of targeted assistance to the population for the delivery of bottled water, food sets,” Zyryanova said.

Also, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that a hotline has been organized. In addition, psychologists from the Ministry of Emergency Situations are working on site.

Earlier in Nizhniye Sergy more than 200 residential buildings were flooded due to the downpour, rescue work is underway.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed Emergencies Minister Yevgeny Zinichev to fly to the emergency site.

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