The M1 metro line plan has been deposited; Hundreds of objections are expected


The National Infrastructure Committee, headed by the Director General of the Ministry of the Interior, Mordechai Cohen, decided to deposit a plan The northern section of the M1 metro line. A few weeks ago the southern part of the track was deposited, and now in fact the deposit of the entire line has been completed. This line, planned in advance by Nata and the Planning Administration, is a line about 85 km long and includes 62 stations. The line connects Rehovot and Lod in the south through the center of Tel Aviv and Kfar Saba and Raanana in the north. A time window of 60 days for filing objections. The plan has real estate implications and far-reaching landscapes so the expectation is to file many objections.

The M1 metro line will serve metropolitan points of interest, including Tel Aviv University, the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and Meir Hospital. As well as major employment areas such as the Raanana North, the Kafas East, the Tel Aviv District, as well as large transportation complexes such as the Tel Aviv Center-Savidor, Hashalom, the Haganah and more. Some of the stations on the M1 line are interface stations that connect the line to the light rail stations, the Israel Railways and the other metro lines. Along the line, two more metro lines will be built – M2 and M3. The latter was also deposited a few weeks ago.

The deposit route has many real estate implications. Although the metro route passes mainly under the roads, there will be expropriations on the ground and underground, especially in the location of the stations and operating areas. Legally and proprietary, when the metro line passes below the property Before the ground, this means that it will not be possible to build parking basements or pour foundations into buildings.

At a meeting held yesterday, the mayor of Kfar Saba, Rafi Saar, announced that the municipality intends to oppose the construction of the depot (operating complex) of the M1 metro line on the areas of the Southern Sharon Regional Council, adjacent to Moshav Gan Haim and near the green neighborhood in Kfar Saba. The city of Kfar Saba, together with the Southern Sharon Regional Council, are proposing to establish the Depot complex in the northeast of the Binyamin Industrial Zone, adjacent to Road 6 and the Eastern Railway.

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