The Lobby 99 application to cancel the arrangement between the creditors and the Fishman family was denied


President of the Tel Aviv District Court, Judge Eitan Orenstein“Reject request”Lobby 99“Join the Bankruptcy of Eliezer Fishman, And set aside the judgment which upheld thearrangement Between the Fishman family and creditors, the banks and the tax authority. An arrangement reached following the proposal of the mediator, retired Supreme Court President Asher Grunis.

Orenstein ruled that there were flaws in the conduct of “Lobby 99” which he said had the consent of all creditors to the mediator’s proposal even before the hearing and decision on the application, but instead of immediately going to court and asking to join the application and appear at the hearing, she “sat on the fence”. . According to Ornstein, it was only in retrospect after the verdict was given that Lobby 99 was reminded to apply to join the proceeding and seek to set aside the verdict.

This, according to Orenstein, although there was no impediment to doing so in advance. According to him, this is especially true in light of the many publications in the media and criticism of the banks that agreed to the mediator’s proposal, despite the opposition of the trustee, Adv. Yossi Benkel, and all even before the hearing of the application.

Ornstein also ruled that there was nothing new in the application, the reasons for which were raised by the trustee, but in light of the consent of all creditors without exception and the absence of opposition from any of them, the court approved the mediator’s proposal. Of held.

Lobby 99 argued that the creditors’ arrangement should be rescinded as it benefits the Fishman family excessively while ignoring public positions that will not be represented in the proceedings.

*** Full disclosure: Businessman Eliezer Fishman is the previous controlling owner of Monitin, which owns (100%) the Globes newspaper. Fishman and the Bar-On family, the current controlling owners of “Globes”, are in a business and personal legal dispute

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