The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen vandalized with the inscription “Racist fish”


The statute of the Little Mermaid, the character born from the pen of the writer Hans Christian Andersen and symbol of Copenhagen, was vandalized with the English word “racist fish”, which appeared on the stone that is the basis of the work that is found at the entrance of the port. According to reports from the Associated Press, no one has yet claimed responsibility for the act. Interviewed by Danish TV, Andersen’s work expert, Ane Grum-Schwensen, explained that the story of the Little Mermaid would not contain racist allusions.

The Little Mermaid was also a lucky Disney cartoon, which – according to some – contains a racist scene when in the famous scene of the song ‘In fondo al mar’ a ‘black fish’ appears that has the appearance of the stereotypical image of African Americans.

The statue – which is over one hundred years old and is a city symbol – has long been in the sights of vandals, who have smeared it and even damaged it. In January, the inscription “Free Hong Kong” had always been painted on the rock, in reference to the pro-democracy protest movement of the central government of Beijing.

Last month, the statue of a Danish missionary who played a key role in the colonization of Greenland was smeared with red paint and the word “decolonize”: it is unclear whether the two cases are related.

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