The lethal dose to the two kids? Sold by the anti-fascist rapper


The rapper Aldo Maria Romboli confessed that he was the one who gave the lethal dose of methadone to Flavio and Gianluca, the two 16-year-olds found lifeless in their beds. It is an ultrà della Ternana, drug addict and openly antifascist, often a guest of social centers and events.

The 41-year-old from Terni confessed to selling the lethal dose to the kids. The boys died on the night of July 7 after taking methadone, believing they had taken codeine, known in the environment as the trapper drug. Yesterday the investigating judge of Terni validated the arrest. As reported by the National Primacy, it is a rapper, whose stage name is Kongram, often the guest of honor of events in the social center Csa Germinal Cimarelli and in support of the “Primi della strada” football team. But his career as a guest doesn’t stop there.

The left-wing rapper who peddles minors

The pusher-rapper was also a guest of musical events, such as the Cantamaggio from 2016, which had the Municipality and the Umbria Region as its sponsor. Declaredly leftist and equally combative against the right and, in particular, against CasaPound. In some interviews he explained that he was totally anti-fascist. In short, his profile leaves no doubt: he is an anti-fascist rapper who hates CasaPound, very close to social centers, theoretically inserted in the cultural dynamics of the city. In practice, however, he is an addict who is hosted in various events, where between a song and the other he passes doses of methadone to minors.

Methadone instead of codeine

From the order issued by the investigating judge Barbara Di Giovannantonio, Romboli admitted to having “Sold some methadone to get the money he needed to buy cocaine.” Flavio and Gianluca died for only 15 euros. It’s easy for an ex-addict to get methadone. As explained by him, it is provided to him at the Sert. From what emerged during the interrogation, it was not the first time that the drug dealer sold methadone to the two boys, he had also done so in June. “This time, however, the suspect had told them that it was codeine and not methadone” he explained to the investigating judge, while the last time he said it was methadone. The friends of the two victims, however, deny his words. According to these, in fact, the Flavio and Gianluca did not stop to play football with them because they already felt bad, because “Of the codeine bought by Aldo”.

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