The late activist Rabbi Moshe Yosef Oberlander passed away


a a A Shock and great tragedy in the courtyard of the Belza Chassidut After last night (Saturday evening) the late Rabbi Moshe Yosef Oberlander, one of the greatest activists of the Belza House, and who served for many years as the director general of the Chassidut, passed away after contracting the corona virus at the age of 60.

The deceased was born to his father, Rabbi Shalom ztl.

A Belza follower says in a conversation with Shabbat Square that this is a real tragedy and shock. He said, “The deceased was a man of his stature and above, who also served as a grooms’ guide, a great benefactor and one of the most well-known people in storks.”

The message sent to the followers on Saturday evening

Kikar Hashabat has learned that the deceased contracted the corona virus in a family event that took place about two and a half weeks ago, which caused his medical condition to deteriorate greatly, and thousands of Belza followers to pray for his healing. But as mentioned, near midnight, he returned his soul to the creator to the chagrin of his family and children, after a stroke that had occurred due to the entanglement of the virus.

It should be noted that in a message sent on Saturday evening, the wives of the Belza followers were asked to receive the Shabbat earlier for the healing of four other people who belong to the Belza storks and are in poor medical condition, including the deceased’s brother and son, when the Belza followers were called by the Yagdil Torah organization. Gather and study during Shabbat for the medicine of all patients.

The late Rabbi Moshe Yosef left behind 8 children and family members who follow the path of Torah and Hasidism, and his funeral is expected to take place in the coming hours.

May his soul be bundled in the bundle of life.

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