The Last of Us – Part II was initially open world, Druckmann reveals the changes


There is no doubt that, whether or not you liked the path chosen by Naughty Dog for its The Last of Us – Part II, this is a video game that is making itself heard, with its undisputed strength that has allowed it to be so awaited before and so chatted after – unfortunately, even by those who waste their right to speak in order to perform in grotesque threats. The protagonists of the events signed by Neil Druckmann, game director, and the writer Halley Gross they are in fact engraved in the imagination of video gamers.

However, not everything we’ve seen in The Last of Us – Part II it was exactly where we found it, in the initial plans. The two authors talked about it, speaking on the microphones of colleagues from IGN USA they told some interesting development background.

The Last of Us – Part II was open world

Warning! As follows contains titanic spoilers from The Last of Us – Part II. If you have not completed the game, we recommend that you stop reading here in order not to get any previews.

The initial concept of the game wanted him to be one «Open world with different hubs», among which the player would move from time to time. As proof of this, the first hub would have been precisely that of Jackson, the town where we actually see the final work begin.

There would have been, however, a substantial difference: Abby. The deuteragonist of the opera Naughty Dog would once again arrive in Jackson at this juncture, but we would have played the beginning of the game in his shoes. Rescued by Joel and Tommy Miller, the girl would have even been welcomed to Jackson, where we would have been called to complete some missions and assignments.

In the end, as in the script then final, it would have reached a point where Abby would have killed Joel anyway, even if later in the timing of the game than we saw in the full title – and even further on we would have discovered his motivations. At this point, after Joel was killed, the player would have taken on Abby’s clothes to dress those of Ellie and leave for Seattle looking for revenge. The aim would have been to trace one by one Abby and all her friends to kill them, so as to repay Joel’s blood with theirs – until the climax in which Abby and Ellie would face off.

The Last of Us & # 8211; Part II was initially open world, Druckmann reveals the changes

Why did you decide to change these details? Because, explains Druckmann, «These aspects of the story were in conflict with an open world structure». That is: tell a story of this type with a diluted structure like that of the open world it would have made the storytelling difficult.

The advent of Halley Gross

During the interview, Druckmann and Gross underlined the importance, for the realization of the game, of the arrival of the writer, also known for her work in a couple of episodes of Westworld. It was in fact when Gross joined the team that The Last of Us – Part II has found the balance between its components, its points of view and its game structure, which has abandoned the nature of open world.

According to Druckmann, Gross’s work helped set goals “high level” in writing, he persuaded to adopt a more linear game approach and, from that moment on, the team made sure that Joel’s death took place as soon as possible, to give the story a go – and immediately give the away, as per storytelling theory, to the “new world” in which the hero, in this case Ellie, is forced to dive.

We remind you that The Last of Us – Part II it is only available on PS4. The title of Naughty Dog, for us the manifesto of this entire generation and one of the most shining manifestations of the driving force of interaction within a story, is making a record of sales.

In recent days, our Valentino Cinefra has discussed the use of trailers when promoting the title, which as it was in the days of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty they made sure that the players misrepresented the balance between the protagonists of the work, discovering only once they got their hands on the title all the details.

Source: IGN

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