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Netanyahu presents the grant plan for each citizen

Netanyahu presents the grant plan for each citizenPhoto: Kobi Gideon, GPO

The Knesset plenum today (Wednesday) approved in second and third reading the plan for the distribution of “corona grants” to Israeli citizens.

68 MKs supported the proposal and were not opposed. Anyone who does not receive an allowance from the National Insurance Institute will have to fill in the details of his bank account on the National Insurance website.

The corona grant for children under the age of 18 will go into bank accounts on Sunday. The sums are expected to be given in several installments, the first of which will be as stated this coming Sunday.

Meir Spiegler, director general of the National Insurance Institute, said that “a project the size of a grant for every citizen has never been in our districts. “Social Security employees have continued to work in an emergency format since March, meeting national tasks, out of awareness of the size of the hour and the mission on its side.”

“The money will be transferred to the eligible beneficiaries until the last citizen receives the grants he deserves,” Spiegler promised.

According to the summary, each family will receive NIS 500 for the first to fourth child (inclusive), and from the fifth child onwards they will receive NIS 300 per child. In addition, it was agreed that discharged soldiers in the first year of their release will receive an additional grant of NIS 500 in addition to the NIS 750 that each person from the age of 18 receives.

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