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                The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics should have taken place this Friday, July 24.  But the coronavirus epidemic has decided otherwise: it will therefore take place in 364 days exactly, on July 23, 2021. At least, if the health situation allows it in a year.  The Japanese, in any case, no longer believe it, according to all the polls.  And they're not even asking, in fact.

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Six in ten Japanese oppose the holding of the Tokyo Olympics from 2021. This is the case of this housewife.

« No doubt we will not have found a vaccine next summer, she says. So bringing hundreds of thousands of foreigners to Tokyo for these Games would be too dangerous in terms of contamination. In addition, in my opinion, given the context, the priority of Japan can no longer be its international influence or sport, it must be the fight against the epidemic. »

The risk of contamination would be mitigated if these Games were held behind closed doors or in front of a small audience. But the idea repels this retiree.

« The big sports festival that would take place in deserted or half-empty stadiums, so in dead silence, it wouldn’t make sense, he comments. And then, if there is no vaccine, countries will undoubtedly consider it more prudent not to send a delegation to Tokyo. So, there again, we would only have discounted Games. Under these conditions, you might as well cancel them. ».

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A quarter of the Japanese nevertheless refuse to ” give up As this young mother says.

« Japan must fight to the end for the Tokyo Games to take place, she believes. Canceling them would be really cruel for our athletes who have been preparing for them for years. Millions of Japanese children are also eagerly awaiting this event. It would be terrible if they could not experience such a magnificent moment for their country. »

The IOC and the Japanese government will undoubtedly decide in the spring, and the decision promises to be extremely difficult.

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