The Israeli Zionist who defended the so-called Nazi ‘devil’ of Treblinka: “I always represent monsters”


His name is Yoram Sheftel and he avoided hanging in Jerusalem the alleged guardian of the Treblinka gas chamber, the so-called Ivan the Terrible who would later be condemned by the Nazi in Germany. He’s flamboyant and gives a damn about being the most hated

The lawyer Yoram Sheftel. CRNIA


Israeli lawyer Yoram Sheftel (Tel Aviv, 1949) lives in Cesrea. A scandalous star of David always hangs from his torso, the kind of pendant worn by a Zionist rapper in the ghettos of Hebrew royaltyto. Those details, along with his exuberant personality, make the devout atheist Judo end up disputing the starring role – not necessarily the devil – to whoever was, perhaps, his most famous defendant, Ivan Mykolaiovych Demianiuk, whom everyone in Israel considered the butcher of Treblinka, born on April 3, 1920 in the Ukrainian city of Berdychiv and died in Germany in 2012. Of course Netflix, who has

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