The Israeli company Nanox has raised $ 110 million


The Israeli medical imaging company NANOX announced today (Tuesday) the closure of Round B in the amount of $ 110 million. The round started in December last year and included investors such as Foxconn Industrial Alliance, SK Telecom. The company has raised $ 137 million so far.

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Nanox was founded by Ran Polyakin, who also heads a development center in Neve Ilan, where ten start-ups operate, including Illumigyn, Wellsense and more. The company has developed an innovative version of the X-ray-based imaging device, which produces a three-dimensional scan. The company’s technology will enable a significant reduction in the costs of similar medical imaging systems on the market. It employs 60 people in Israel and Japan.

Ran Polyakin, CEO of Nanox Photo: LUZ Corporate Photography

Ran Polyakin, founder and CEO of the company, said: “We strive to change the world of medicine, the main challenge in such a statement is, always, implementation. We have a solid and clear vision and it is to eradicate cancer and other terminal diseases through early detection. ”

Nanox Imaging Machine Nanox Imaging Machine

The company also said that since the start of the round in December, Nanox has signed medical imaging deployment agreements alongside artificial intelligence-based diagnostic services, in 13 countries across five continents around the world. The company’s goal, it was stated, is to revolutionize the field of health services by making access to advanced medical imaging for early detection for all socio-economic strata of the population. This deployment will work according to the company’s MSaaS service model which is based on a low fee per scan instead of selling expensive medical imaging devices.

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