The investigation into the locked prison guard with two inmates in the bathroom was stopped


The sub-Gondar probation officer, appointed commander of the Northern District Prison Service (IPS), decided to stop the investigation in the middle and transfer the investigation material in the case of a female prisoner from Zalmon Prison who allegedly locked herself in a toilet with two criminal inmates at the National Prison Investigation Unit. (Yahas) in Blade 433 in the police, after a criminal suspicion arose in his estimation.

As you may recall, on Saturday night it was reported by the warden at Zalmon Prison that she was allegedly locked in a bathroom with two criminal prisoners inside. According to her, after hearing calls for help, she hurried to provide medical assistance, but then the door slammed shut and she was locked with the prisoners inside the cell. Following the report, the acting IPS commissioner decided to appoint a tribunal that collected testimony from the jailer and immediately thereafter announced the end of the investigation and recommended that the material be submitted for investigation by the CBS.

It turns out that the officer heard the prisoner’s version and that it did not reconcile with the findings of the initial investigation conducted by the High Commissioner, which established his position that this was a serious incident that raises criminal suspicions and justifies the involvement of the police. the facts.

The Prisons Service said in response that it would cooperate fully with investigators and work resolutely to investigate the truth.

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Advocate Eyal Basarglik, who represents the prisoners, responded: “The article that was published is seriously misleading and detached from reality in everything related to my client. My client needed medical attention and called for a request for the same medical treatment, treatment that he did receive from the competent authorities. IPS, even for a moment, did not think and do not think that there was anything that was wrong or wrong on my part, and any investigation conducted by IPS did not claim for a moment that anything was done that was wrong on my part. Needless to say, all the allusions about the prisoner’s activities, and in the context of other factors as well, have nothing to do with my client and it is to be regretted that you chose to involve my client in this article. ”

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