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Salvatore Dama

Three words – “Salvini”, “stinks” and “Mondragone” – create a short circuit on social networks. Some understand that the leader of the League has offended the southerners, claiming that their personal fumes do not smell like J ‘Adore Dior. Others understood that the Salvinian one was an admission of guilt. And they started poking the captain’s killer armpit. So much so that, in the evening, the hashtag #Salvinipuzza was at the top of Twitter trends. In fact, in his direct video, Matteo expressed another concept.

He took it out on the “radical chic” lounges. If I spent a couple of hours in the midst of “that mob” that frequents them, then I would stink, he said. The fact is that yesterday morning, at ten o’clock, the League leader challenged the demonstrators and showed up again in Mondragone. This time, however, no one welcomed him with insults and throwing stones. «As promised I came back. Are the thugs sons of dads from social centers? Maybe I’m still sleeping, “he wrote on Facebook. Then, meeting the citizens on the waterfront, he returned to the topic: «Those from social centers usually drink and smoke late.

Center-right, Meloni, Salvini and Tajani selfie together on the stage of Piazza del Popolo

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So in the early morning we find citizens and workers. Seriously, “he continues,” I had made a commitment because the unworthy casino “of the other day” had not allowed me to speak with the farmers, with the mothers, with the citizens of Mondragone who have a wonderful territory, a beautiful sea and they must not be remembered by the televisions for the parades of the Roma, that is a problem that can be solved ». After the events of the other day, the head of civil protection of Mondragone resigned accused of inciting violent protests against the League. And in the last hours, threatening writings have also appeared in Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

“Crazy stuff,” says Salvini, “but I’m not intimidated: we can’t wait to rule Campania to bring common sense, legality and respect”. In Mondragone, explains the former Interior Minister, “there is no conflict between Bulgarian Italians, Italy-Bulgaria is not the final of the World Cup, there are respectable people and profiteers and criminals. It is not the problem of immigrants but of the illegal ones ».

There are Bulgarians who “are outlaws and can be expelled, even if they are within the European Union, and there are Italians who take advantage of it”. Salvini is admired by the town on the Campania coast: «I come here to tell the Italians that they are splendid places. The problem is the economic recovery, agriculture on its knees, the buffalo mozzarella that suffers an image not exactly bright of this land which, however, has enormous potential, such a coast is difficult to find. I would like to be used as a tourist promoter of these places and these goodnesses ». Around Salvini a group of about fifty people was formed, including reporters, League activists and onlookers, as well as representatives of entrepreneurial categories. “The problems of public order,” recalls the captain, “I have faced and solved them in many areas of the country.”

But here, Salvini points out, “there is the Camorra that still makes itself felt. If the state does not give money and the banks do not give money, the usurers or the Camorra give money. And yesterday the leader of the Carroccio also made it known that he had sent a message of condolence to Benedict XVI for the disappearance of his brother Georg.

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