the increase in cases in Brittany linked to “relaxation and tests”, according to the ARS


INTERVIEWIt is a region where the health situation is worrying. With a reproduction rate well above 1, Brittany is one of those territories where the coronavirus seems to be resurfacing. However, Anne-Briac Bili is reassuring this Monday morning, despite “200 positive cases” detected in a week. Guest of the morning of Europe 1, the director of cabinet of ARS Brittany believes that this phenomenon is linked to the relaxation of barrier gestures, but also to the many tests carried out on the territory.

Massive screening partly explains the increase in cases

“We made 20,000 in one week, against 80,000 accumulated since May 4,” she explains. “So necessarily, we revealed cases in asymptomatic people.” As for R0, the virus reproduction rate, Anne-Briac Bili recalls that this is an estimate, and points out that it has already decreased: “The last figure published by Santé Publique France is 2.18 “. Ten sick people would therefore contaminate almost 22. “We should not be reassured or falsely worried if this increases, since this rate is sensitive and can be influenced by screening campaigns,” she points out.

A call to respect barrier gestures

However, Anne-Briac Bili recalls the importance of barrier gestures to avoid “firmer measures”, such as the possibility of a local reconfinement of Brittany. “The objective is that it is not on the agenda, we are working in close collaboration with the prefectures and the departments which relay the calls for vigilance and respect for barrier gestures. Besides, the wearing of the obligatory mask in the closed public places since this Monday falls at the right time for us, and will be part of everything [notre] arsenal to fight the epidemic in the regions. “

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