The IJsselland safety region is not waiting for a local facemask obligation


Can mouth masks contribute or not to contain the coronavirus? It is an issue on which national and international opinions differ widely. Also yesterday at the security council, where the chairmen of the 25 security regions join, it appeared that the mayors in the Netherlands have a very mixed opinion about such measures. Deventer mayor, and deputy safety region chairman, Ron König is clear about it. “We are not waiting for it.”

Mister König, you say that the IJsselland Safety Region does not yet see any benefit in a facemask obligation. Why?

The RIVM is very clear about the use of mouth masks: medically it does not help. But we don’t know much about the behavioral component of the caps. Are people getting more alert? Do they keep more distance? Opinions differ on this. That is why mayors in areas with outbreaks still want to experiment with local measures.

There is no reason for this in IJsselland?

No, the number of infections in our region is relatively low. So then face masks cannot contribute to the reduction of infections. In addition, most infections take place at home, for example during parties. And we cannot maintain it there.

The number of corona infections is increasing again.

We are extra alert and are concerned. I don’t think anyone is waiting for a second corona wave. The reproduction rate is above one again, so the epidemic is spreading again. Although in smaller numbers, it is going the wrong way. That is why I call on people to adhere to the corona measures.

Reproduction figure

The reproduction number or number indicates how quickly the virus spreads. If that is one, it means that each corona patient infects one other person on average. If that’s three, each patient infects an average of three others.

To keep the situation manageable, the government tries to keep the reproduction number below one.

During the first training of Go Ahead Eagles, a mask is mandatory for the public. What’s up with that?

Organizations can take additional measures at events, such as the mandatory wearing of a mask. But those measures are never in place of the one and a half meter rule.

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