The hearing in the Netanyahu trial continues this morning: Ben-Ari will try to set a date for evidence


At 9:00, another preliminary hearing will begin in the Jerusalem District Court in the criminal trial of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is charged along with businessman Shaul Elowitz, his wife Iris Elowitz and Yedioth Ahronoth publisher Arnon (Noni) Mozes, in the “Alps Files” The hearing will take place in the presence of defense attorneys and prosecutor Adv. Liat Ben-Ari, without the presence of the defendants.

Ben-Ari will try to expedite the procedure and set a date for evidentiary hearings, while defense attorneys will request an additional extension for the purpose of studying the investigation materials. At the previous hearing on May 24, Ben-Ari tried to ask the judges to set an evidentiary date as early as possible, claiming it was in the public interest. The plaintiff further claimed that it takes a maximum of 3 months to study from the beginning to the end all the investigation material in the 1,000, 2,000 and 4000 cases combined.

“All the material was transferred to a scanned defense as is not usually done,” Ben-Ari said at the previous hearing. “The Holyland case, which I also handled, carried 1,200 binders. Here we have a large case, but the materials are still in order. You can go through all the investigation material, the case was not born today and the defense attorneys have already seen the materials.”

In response, the defendants’ defense attorneys objected, trying to set an additional coefficient hearing. Advocate Noyet Negev, representing Noni Mozes, argued at the time: “In this case, we received an unusual message from the prosecution that in fact all the material in the three cases is relevant to the 2000 case.

Advocate Amit Haddad, who also represents Netanyahu, added, “I heard that they talked about the affair as if it were separate parts. We see a certain sequence between the three of them, must study the whole case as one piece and therefore time is critical. We need time to prepare. ”

Advocate Micha Fatman, the Prime Minister’s defense attorney, reinforced the defense’s statement and claimed at the time that “there is a huge amount of investigative material. I have to dive deep into the material. There are 4,500 barcodes, each of which can hold up to several hundred pages. We have waiting for the decision of the Permits Committee. We will also have to expand the composition of the defense. “The reminder session. We are not trying to attract time, the time estimates are realistic.” According to Fatman, the evidentiary phase of the Netanyahu trial should begin around March 2021 so that by then the materials of the investigation will be studied.

On Netanyahu’s behalf, it will further be argued that the issue of Netanyahu’s legal representation has not yet been resolved, due to his futile attempts to obtain funding from his cousin Natan Milikovsky and his author Spencer Partridge.

*** Presumption of innocence: It should be emphasized that even after the decision to file an indictment against them, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Iris and Shaul Alovich and Arnon (Noni) Mozes deny what was attributed to them, were not convicted of an offense, and have the presumption of innocence.

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