The head of care: “We can not write referrals or look at test results”


On Friday, the region was hit by a major IT outage that makes neither the medical record nor the telephone system work.

– The most difficult thing for patients at present is that we can not make an overall assessment of them because the medical record system is not running, says Johanna Johansson, operations manager at the Brunnsgården health center in Karlshamn.

As in the region’s other clinics, the callback system does not work either, which means that patients cannot make an appointment with the care.

– We can also not write referrals or look at test results, says Johanna Johansson.

Brunnsgården has not had to book a patient during the day, but there will be longer waiting times for the booked patients as the care staff does not have access to the records.

– We hope that it is resolved by Monday morning, says Johanna Johansson.

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