The “great fear” for the Queen The “black lady” can ruin everything


In the last hours the Epstein case had a major turning point. The woman who was allegedly complicit in all the violence by the American businessman was arrested. It’s about Ghislaine Maxwell, nicknamed the “black lady”. And now that she is in the hands of the FBI, the manager’s best friend, she admits that she wants to collaborate with the authorities and wants to “name”, promising to shed light on the matter. What happened, inevitably, casts a dark shadow over the whole English royal house and makes the city trembleto Queen Elizabeth. The Epstein case, in fact, shook the walls of Buckingham Palace deeply, and seriously endangered the good name of the Windsor and Prince Andrea, accused of being complicit in the wrongdoings of the manager who committed suicide.

And now according to what has happened in the last few hours, some gossip still to be confirmed report a proven sovereign and a lot worried for the fate of Andrea and the case. Elizabeth, in fact, fears a heavy one repercussion about his family, already proven by the internal disagreements between Harry and William and Megxit. But that is not all. The Queen is afraid that her son may be accused of pedophilia and sexual violence against a minor and that, in the end, he could be definitively sentenced. And the evidence would be overwhelming, or at least suggest that Elizabeth’s son might not be stranger to the facts. In addition to the black lady, Virgina Roberts also accuses the Prince of violence, given that at the time of the events she was still a seventeen year old. But the photo that sees Andrea with the young woman turned out to be a fake. And in fact, on the matter, Prince Andrew has always denied all the accusations and, above all, has been able to count on the trust of the sovereign. The arrest of the lady, however, greatly complicates things.

Elizabeth is still in forced confinement, due to the coronavirus, and from Palazzo is reading with apprehension the latest news on the case, praying that Andrea can be saved from the ax of the sentence. The situation is not at all simple and everything is in the making. For now the prince is far from court and from all official and non-official commitments. And also the sovereign advised to keep a low profile and avoid too many public appearances. Not only that, he has the support of his ex-wife and Beatrice who defend the man with a drawn sword. The implications for the case are therefore awaited.

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