The grants are at the start. Here’s who can apply for them and how to apply


The amendments made to the Relaunch Decree are being converted into law. Among these, great grants arouse great interest. These are disbursements in favor of companies and VAT numbers. These entities are among those that have suffered the consequences of the lockdown most. The Relaunch Decree has therefore allocated funds reserved exclusively for them. In this way, some losses due to the health emergency will be covered. The fear was that, with the conversion into law, some benefits could be lost. So let’s see if these grants have been changed in these days. They would not be the only measures with changes undergone.

Therefore, the non-refundable contributions begin. Here’s who can apply for them and how to apply.

Who can apply for grants?

The beneficiaries of the provision are VAT holders, businesses and self-employed workers. To obtain the contribution, however, the Decree provides for some conditions. First of all, not to have exceeded the 5 million euro of remuneration in 2019. In addition, another requirement will have to be demonstrated. Having earned 2/3 of what it earned in April 2019 in April 2020.

How to apply

It will be necessary to submit the application to the Inland Revenue. This can only be done online. The deadline for submitting applications is set for August 13, 2020. However, there is something new for the deadline. The exception occurs when the applicant is an heir who continues the activity on behalf of the deceased. In this case, the deadline is set for August 24, 2020. The contribution will be 20% of the drop in turnover in April if the remuneration of last year is less than 400,000 euros. By 15% instead for those who in 2019 exceeded 400,000 euros and 10% if the threshold exceeded 1,000,000 euros.

Therefore, non-refundable contributions have started. Here’s who can apply for them and how to apply

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