the government studies the moves


Income tax, drop in labor taxes and 38% rate: the government studies the moves

Giuseppe Conte confirms his passion for announcements and for “tables”. So, while the government and the red and yellow majority are grappling with a large amount of problems – the approval of the relaunch decree, the drafting of the plan to collect the 172 billion of the Recovery Fund from Europe, the launch of the provision for simplifications, the closure of the dossiers on Autostrade and the former Ilva – the premier does not find anything better than announcing “for the next week the table for the tax reform expected for 50 years”. A way, as happened for the cutting of VAT, to take the initiative and exit the corner. And to demonstrate, with a pounding communication, that “the government decides as never before in republican history and is anything but wait-and-see: who says it makes you laugh, chatter and blah blah.”

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At Palazzo Chigi, however, they do not give any anticipation of Conte’s ideas on taxation. And more than one source working on economic dossiers is ready to bet that “the prime minister has not yet clear how to intervene, it is no coincidence that he spoke of a comparison table”. But Nicola Zingaretti, who for some time has been asking Conte for concreteness and facts, speaking with his colleagues, does not reject this move: “The premier is doing well, tax reform is a topic to be discussed in depth”.

After all, making “the taxation more equitable” is written in the program of the rossogiallo government. “So it’s not new, in fact we are late because of the epidemic,” as a minister of the Democratic Party says, “but the time to tighten will come in the autumn when we have to write the budget law and when the cost will have to be further reduced. work to guarantee employment levels and allow Italian manufacturing to be competitive internationally, adding 2-3 billion to the tax wedge each year “.
The dossier, Conte’s announcements aside, has so far been investigated only by the Ministry of Economy. Roberto Gualtieri comes to the table with the scheme outlined in the National Reform Program which will be formally sent to Brussels in the coming days. A trace open to technical-political confrontation that will have to lead to the Budget law, when at least the first “form” of the reform will be put on black and white. The idea is to reform overall an often chaotic system, the result of a legislative stratification that has lasted for at least half a century. But of course the focus is mainly onpersonal income tax, the personal income tax which is the single tax with the highest revenue as well as the most “sensitive” from a political point of view.

In this context, the first move is almost mandatory, conditioned by the intervention on the “Tax wedge” of employees entered into force this July. As confirmed by the same Count, that provision will be made structural, in the sense that the additional deduction for employees above 28 thousand euros will be confirmed (without which it would have the paradoxical effect of frustrating the increases in income). This measure alone is worth about 3 billion and could be accompanied by a first intervention on the third rate, which starts from the 28 thousand euros and penalizes the average incomes with its 38 percent withdrawal: a scissor of a couple of points (resources permitting) would be the prerequisite for another objective under study, to be realized at a later time: to reduce the number of rates starting from the cancellation of that today to 41 percent, the taxable range that goes from 55 thousand to 75 thousand euros.

The redesign of the personal income tax is closely connected with another government project, that of the universal allowance for children up to 21 years of age. The subsidy will also absorb the deductions together with the current benefits personal income tax for dependent children, who today, however, have no age limit. A special safeguard clause will prevent families from having a loss compared to the current situation. At the same time, it will be inevitable to proceed with the review of the other deductions, an action that has always been postponed in recent years.

There may be a temporary intervention on VAT with the shift to a lower rate of individual items for the sectors in crisis and in any case linked to the use of credit cards and debit cards, but it is only Conte who pushes for this measure. Finally, the fight against tax evasion passes through the further enhancement of electronic invoicing (which has given good results) and incentives for electronic payments.

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