The government is fighting over contracts, the Simplifications are slipping. Orlando-Bonafede clash


ROME It is no coincidence that, at the sunset of another day of torments and quarrels within the majority that should support it, Giuseppe Conte has entrusted the fate of the government to Facebook: the hour of concreteness, the time to run. Words carved on social networks to reassure Europe, reassure Parliament about the estate of the Giallorossi army and drive away the image of the swamp, evoked by Zingaretti. I feel controversy and absurd reconstructions, but here I am fighting to realize the facts – the premier vented with the staff – Thanks to the simplifications and the “Genoa method” on public procurement, we will change the country.

At Palazzo Chigi, after the question time in the Chamber in which the majority deputies chased the Prime Minister at least as much as the right-wing ladies, they came to hope that the curve of the polls in favor of Conte will drop a little, so everyone will calm down . And in that all there are above all the leaders of the allied parties, starting with Zingaretti and Franceschini. The relationship of mutual trust with the secretary and the head of the delegation of the Democratic Party is just a reminder, the dem scolded Conte for thinking only to his personal future. And, as irritated as they are for the no to Mes, they suspect that the Apulian lawyer is using the 5-star contrast to float a little more on European funds.

In this climate of crossed suspicions, the Simplifications decree. For Conte, the mother of all reforms, but given the tangle of unsolved knots, the examination of the text destined to slip further. After the excerpt of the building amnesty, which the prime minister had defended claiming that it was not actually a real amnesty, yesterday he quarreled about the contracts. So much so that today there will be no Council of Ministers, but only the pre-council: if all goes well, because this morning Conte convened another political meeting (the third) to seek an agreement on contracts, abuse of office and tax damage, hoping to fire the text next week.

The political summit, Franceschini absent, ended with one rather acid clash between Pd and 5 Stars, already at loggerheads for the new duel on the Tav. On the thorny issue of procedures and tenders the government split in two. On the one hand M5S and Italia Viva, which in line with Conte push to accelerate on the path of sburocratization: extraordinary commissioners and a list of works to be carried out in record time, Genova model. On the other hand, Pd and Leu, who are much more cautious on procedures.

To unlock the stalemate, the Renzian group leader Davide Faraone poses at the top the political problem: Do you want these simplifications or not? If you are against, better say it right away. Undersecretary Giancarlo Cancelleri (M5S) agrees and argues that it is urgent to unlock the works because citizens ask us to. But here the former minister Andrea Orlando, deputy secretary of the Democratic Party, recalls that we are not in the election campaign and triggers the reaction of the head of the M5S delegation. If you say so, is it okay, if we say propaganda? Alfonso Bonafede says. And Orlando, annoyed: For me, the meeting can end here.

At that point Conte – described by those who took part in the summit as very silent and irritated because the parties have thrown the story of the failed building amnesty on his shoulders – the team calls to order: This crucial decree for the restart, if we want it to restart the construction sites, we must really believe it.

The painful aspect that the Democratic Party does not seem to believe in Conte anymore. Between the House and the Senate there is an exercise on possible reversals and a bold temptation snakes between the leaders. We present a resolution on the Mes in the Senate and we see there – ventures a member of the government – If it passes, well, otherwise we all go home.

July 1, 2020 (change July 1, 2020 | 11:59 pm)


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