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The chief specialist of the Hydrometeorological Center Marina Makarova spoke about the weather in Moscow at the end of July.

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“I can note that we will not have a heat wave. The weather will be moderately warm, the temperature will be close to normal and will not do without short-term rains, but there will be days without precipitation, ”she said in an interview with NSN.

According to her, a strong southwestern wind will raise the temperature to + 21 … + 23 ˚С in Moscow on Saturday afternoon, and up to + 18 … + 23 ˚С in the Moscow region.

Light rain is expected on Sunday, but it will get even warmer. In the daytime, + 23 … + 25 ˚С and + 20 … + 25 ˚С are expected in the capital and the region, respectively.

Warming by another one or two degrees is predicted by Tuesday.

“So, during the day it will be + 22 … + 27 ˚С. However, the temperature will drop slightly on Wednesday – up to + 21 … + 26 ˚С. Thursday and Friday are also expected to be quite warm, with intermittent rains. The most probable values ​​at night are + 12 … + 16 ˚С, and during the day around + 20 … + 25 ˚С, “Makarova said.

Earlier, the head of the department of meteorological forecasts of the Uralhydrometeorological center, Anna Misharina, told URA.RU about the weather in the region.

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