The forecast: an extreme heat wave that will last for several days


Heavy to extreme heat loads are expected mainly inland • The heavy blast will remain with us until Thursday, but real relief will only be felt on Friday • The Ministry of Health has issued special guidelines for dealing with the heat wave alongside maintaining corona guidelines • Full weather forecast

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After days when temperatures rose a bit but were still normal for the season, today (Sunday) a heavy heat wave is expected to prevail mainly inland. Heavy to extreme heat loads will be felt in the same area. Following the expected forecast, the Ministry of Health has published a guide to dealing with the heavy burn.

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The Mediterranean is dangerous for bathing with waves of up to 110 cm. Tomorrow and in the coming days a continuation of heat wave and heavy to extreme heat load is expected. On Thursday there will be a slight drop in temperatures but noticeable relief is expected only from Friday.

Today’s temperatures: up to 34 degrees in Jerusalem, 30 in Ashdod, 35 in Be’er Sheva, 41 in Eilat, 40 in Beit She’an, 27 in Haifa, 38 in Tiberias, 32 in Lod, 33 in Mitzpe Ramon, 31 in Nazareth, 39 in Ein Gedi, 35 in Jerusalem, 33 in Safed , 38 in Katzrin and up to 30 degrees in Tel Aviv.

The Ministry of Health has issued special guidelines for the extreme heat wave following the combination of burning and observing corona rules, and called on the general public, the elderly population and patients with chronic diseases in particular, to adhere to the following procedures: Avoid exposure to heat and sun, As much as possible in air-conditioned places. ”

The Ministry of Health added: “In the days of Corona, it is important to adhere to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health regarding the use of a mask and distance. Proper behavior will allow residents in the country to go through the heat wave safely, even during the Corona period.”

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